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Keeping in view the requirements of the market for commercial use of our filters and filtration system, Trade Garage Enterprises have come out with a commercial model which will be helpful to the Restaurants/ Small & Big Cloud kitchens and also who has a requirement of filtering up to 10-15 liters capacity. This will not only be beneficial to the user using the commercial cooking oil purifier but also gives health benefits to the end customer. Read more.

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Thank you for choosing the Commercial Cooking Oil Purifier brought to you by TRADE GARAGE ENTERPRISES. This innovative product is designed to provide you with purified and chemical-free cooking oil for healthier and tastier cooking experience in your daily cooking in your own kitchen.

Assembling & Usage Instructions
  • Open the Box and carefully remove all components.
  • Take the upper steel chamber and place it on a clean and flat surface.
  • Lay the provided filter cloth evenly inside the upper steel chamber.
  • Pour 2 kg for 10 liters/2.5 kg for 15 liter of filter media evenly on the filter cloth provided in a box.
  • Place the steel plate with holes above the filter media which you poured in the upper chamber
  • Now place the upper steel chamber on the lower steel chamber
  • Gently pour the branded fresh / used oil to be purified to certain level and close the lid
  • Ensure the alignment of the both the chambers in 90 degrees
  1. For filtering used oil, a fresh filter media has to be used as above procedure for a better result.
  2. Please change the filter media if you want to filter any other oil as once filter media is used for one type of oil only.
  3. Please make sure that at least 15 liters of any one type of oil is purified with 2/2.5 kg of filter media every time as it works out economical for you. As the filter media is not allowed to keep in the chamber for more than 3 days once used in the filter.
  4. We strongly recommend the freshly bought branded oil to filter through our filter media first as all the chemicals & hazardous materials will be neutralized before using it in the kitchen (for better results).


Storage of Purified Cooking Oil
  • After the filtration process, which will generally take over night time for purification open the main lid.
  • Remove the upper steel chamber and set it aside in a flat plate as there is still some oil coming out from the filter media in the upper steel chamber.
  • You will find the purified cooking oil collected in the lower steel chamber.
  • Carefully transfer the purified oil to a fresh container and use the same for a healthy cooking.
  • The filter media is designed to effectively remove impurities and neutralize the chemicals present in fresh oil, resulting in healthier cooking oil.
Maintenance and Storage After Use
  • After use, disassemble the filter components for cleaning.
  • Rinse the upper and lower steel chambers, steel plate, and main lid with warm water and mild detergent.
  • Dry all components thoroughly before storage to prevent moisture buildup.
  • Throw the Used filter media into the dustbin not to drain into the drain system.

Additional information

Filter Capacity

10 Liters, 15 Liters


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